While working to the Romeo and Juliet

essay you could run into some problems which are common when pupils write concerning the stage plays. Avoid making errors by following the fundamental suggestions:

Recall that plays are literary works composed for the stage and should be called a stage production;

Just like all forms of analytic writing you need to consult with the functions and effects produced by the writer. This usually suggests writing about functions and effects of Shakespeare’s language and poetry in addition to the actions on stage, particularly the utilization of dramatic devices including asides any irony;

the best method to compose your paper is, like you had been the member of the crowd.

Special attention needs to be paid to the exact portrayal enacted on the scene. To achieve this aim you may think about these questions:

What was contained and left out in the instance of the scene?

What in your view was the main emotion or thought Shakespeare expressed in this kind of scene?

What was the most crucial component the artist made a decision to carry?

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