Explanatory Theories

Explanatory Theories

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Classificatory Theories

Explanatory Theories

Developing A Categorization Theory

Step 3: Touch interactions among variants

Step 4: Propose a scheme for assessing causal variants

Accommodating And Revising Theories

Explanatory Theories

Likewise, you might be dissatisfied using the causal explanation that the theory offers to account for a happening. To illustrate, suppose you’ve read in regards to a couple of pupils who brought automatic pistols with their high school and shot almost two dozen classmates. A theory suggested with a criminologist follows the cause to the interaction of three variants: (a) a insufficient teachers’ knowledge of risk signals in pupils’ behaviour, (b) insufficient communication among school staff, and (c) insufficient co-operation between school staff and law enforcement bodies. But you consider this investigation overly straightforward, for it does not address various other causal factors that you believe are important, for example parents’ oversight above their children’s actions, the routines of societal relationships among pupils, and much more. So, as a dissertation issue, you decide to suggest a theory which includes more variants and sees a more complicated pattern of interrelationships among variables to describe such occasions as the school shooting.

Your discontent may additionally come in the middle of a study you’re running. Envision you’ve accumulated 40 interviews with aged residents of retirement communities. Together with the tape recorded results of your interviews in hand, at this point you need a theory that can describe why retirees did not all agree in their judgments about the recommended changes. Nevertheless, your search during the professional literature does not show a theory that satisfies your need, which means you choose to make your own personal model.

A third state that prompts researchers to design explanatory theories is the researchers’ just wondering why something occurs as it does.

“I am wondering what induced him to lose the election, when he looked just like a certain winner”” (political science)

“What’re games meant to complete in various cultures”” (anthropology)

“Why do some disadvantaged individuals go on welfare while others do not”” (social work)