Saying the issue and its own Justification

Saying the issue and its own Justification 2


Shared Experiences

Supplying A Justification

Dissertation Hhypothesis

Describing your data collection procedures


At first it may appear a synonym could clarify the significance assumed for a word or phrase. Nevertheless, for the precision needed in research, Synonyms scarcely suffice, because too often the key word or carry as many distinct meanings-or as many obscure meanings-as the words they should elucidate. In the main, the sole occasions on which Synonyms are appropriate are ones when a brand new, unknown word may be sufficiently clarified using a recognizable word or phrase. This may happen with areas ( Kalimantan= Borneo, Vanuatu= New Hebrides, Myanmar= Burma), individuals ( Muhammad Ali= Cassius Clay), associations or agencies ( State Department=international relations section), or states (Downs’ syndrome=mongolism).

Sentence Descriptions

One sentence, or several sentences, may be enough to clarify the significance the writer puts to your term inside the bounds of the writer’s job.

The words comparative effectiveness, as thought throughout this dissertation, reference the relative precision of four processes of calling high school pupils’ later success in faculty.

The definition of Mexican American family in this study means a number of individuals of Mexican tradition, now residing in America, who are linked by blood and are members of the exact same home.

Sentence definitions commonly include words that need further clarification in the shape of added sentences. Such holds true of the terms high school pupils and later success in faculty in the very first of our examples. The point would be to rule out accidental meanings that readers might fairly assume unless they’re told otherwise.

The phrase marketing means presenting to the public info and appeals in the form of paid for space in papers and paid for time on radio and tv.

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