Literature Review – Summary

Literature Review - Summary


Component One – Literature Survey

Literature Survey

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What literature is that”What am I likely to locate”Just what is a “literature review””

The saying – the literature – usually describes printed writings in books, journals, and conference proceedings that connect to the subject of investigation within which a pupil’s job lies. Such literature additionally contains unpublished theses and dissertations. But there’s no universal understanding among professors about (a) what ought to be within the pupil’s review of the literature, (b) what functions this type of review should presume in the entire job, or (c) where the review needs to be found in the completed file. For this reason, you might find it helpful to be acquainted with alternate positions that counselors may hold regarding such problems. The first section of the chapter outlines a few of the more common views professors embrace. By comprehending those views, you need to be better prepared to talk about the literature review along with your counselors also to assert your case if their thoughts regarding the investigation don’t coincide along with your own. The next section of the chapter describes manners that the literature investigation may be conducted economically. The last section describes some of avoidable errors of judgment – “lamentably stupid mistakes” – that pupils sometimes give.

The most well-known patterning of chapters in theses and dissertations goes something similar to this:

This type of pattern indicates that the whole set of info in the professional literature goes in Chapter 2. Nevertheless, whether it is a good idea to find all references to the literature inside another chapter is an issue of discussion. Two questions worth replying are (1) What function is stuff in the literature likely to perform in your job”(2) Where in the last version of your thesis or dissertation can such stuff most fairly be located”A typical response to the initial question is that faculty advisers desire your job not only to show your power to answer this question where your research will concentrate, but in addition to exhibit how skillfully you (a) situated your preferred subject inside a related body of knowledge, (b) seen in the literature an important quantity of other studies that bear in your subject, (c) assessed the quality of the studies (their strengths and limits), (d) identified the linkages between your job and preceding studies, and (e) revealed what contribution your job can make to the area where your work is located. Although these five functions could be conveniently placed within an identical chapter, in addition, there are various other functions the literature review can function.